Anti-trust Intel ?

Intel has recently been slammed a huge fine by the European Union for monopolysing the market and filed anti-trust litigations against it. But, is this really wrong ? A company (say, such as Intel) establishes a good market, by being superior. The motto of capitalism is “May the fittest survive”. Intel was good, it survived, and AMD is getting better, and that is why coming up a second. No one else dared to get into that market, for fear of losing. Who asked them not to? Not Intel.

If Intel had done something (and the European courts had evidence) that, Intel went and killed competition by bribing the registrar of companies, (for example), to not accept their company registration, or if Intel went on a tarnishing advertising campaign against AMD, then you say that, it sounds unfair. Do note, I say ‘sounds’, and not ‘is’. What have your parents taught you? You should rise and shine, despite anything that your peers may say to discourage you. What did your cricket coach teach you about sledging. You, as a company, are supposed to weather all these roadblocks, if you want to succeed.

Do you think, Intel had a cushy road ahead to the place where it is. Intel had to convince human kind that desktop home PCs were real. At the time, when Intel came in the world, people only thought, they build room-sized computers to bomb the other side of the ocean. We have come a long fromĀ  there. Intel faced so many hard ships. It weathered several economic downturns. It captured emerging markets. It almost lost to AMD a few years ago, when their Itanium chips got delayed. AMD almost got over them. And then they recovered. Their reputation was severely hit, when the floating point bug hit them – which made some simple mistakes in arithmetic division. They weathered it. And now here, they are, chugging along.

I wonder what pseudo-socialist cause, this whole anti-trust game is serving. I now see a EETIMES article, saying, “Let us see how honest Intel is.” I wonder where honesty comes into the picture. If it is to see if Intel will go and haggle with lawyers and reduce the fine amount, in my opinion, that is not dishonesty either. That is good capitalist chops.

Go Intel! I (as an EDA engineer and Computer Engg PhD grad), have been proud of what you guys have been achieving. As a researc student, I followed your research. Now as a programmer/manager (and a part-time MBA student), I still follow your technological growth) ; and I will continue to do so.

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