Gone in 60 seconds

No, I am not going to blog about the movie (which is a brilliant movie as a matter of fact). Not only drool-ware for car-lovers, but in general, a good action movie.

I am now referring to a donation-ware software called gonein60s, which helps people recover back an application, if you inadvertantly close it. Some of thing of the order of, you are typing in a long email to your girl-friend on gmail, and you by-mistake do an alt-f4 (or click the darn x at the right end of the window).

Before you start thinking about, how they recover from the bowels of the RAM or temporary files, reset yourself. Nope, they do not fix anything fancy like that. KEEP-IT-SIMPLE-STUPID (KISS) is the policy these guys follow.

When someone closes an application, they just hide the app for 60 seconds (or any user specified time limit), and close it only after the time is up. So if you realize before the time-out time, that you have made a mistake, you click on the gonein60s icon in the system tray, and recover it.

Now that is what I call brilliance using simplicity!