2 oz of ideas and 1 oz of courage

.. is the recipe for enterpreneurship. Just ideas are not good enough. Just courage is not good enough. You need both.  I happened to read the following article on cookingmoney blog. The blog entry says that it is an exerpt from the Times of India dated Jan 22, 2007. I am pasting some exerpts from it here.

 Abrush, a bucket and an idea came together. Sandeep Gajakas knew it was an inflammable mixture. He was on to something. He would start a laundry service for shoes. His father did not like it, but Gajakas, 26 then, was beyond being dissuaded ….

He quit his job and started distributing handbills asking people who wanted to clean their sports shoes to contact him. The response was tremendous. The Andheri resident would get calls from all corners of Mumbai. He would then run to their houses, get the shoes, scrub them clean in his bathroom and deliver them for Rs 100 a pair. That was in 2004. Today, Sandeep is 28 and owns a business called The Shoe Laundry. He doesn’t need to wash Keds anymore. Nine boys trained by him do that now.

The article goes on to give two more examples. One is a firm that cleans large glass facades – one would think of it, in hindsight as a no-brainer – with so many IT and BPO firms housed in large classy glass facade buildings.  The other is a wierd idea – home cooked dog food – which apparently is a big success in Mumbai. Well, it confirms one supposition, Mumbai-me kuch bhi chaltha hai (anything is possible in Mumbai).

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2 thoughts on “2 oz of ideas and 1 oz of courage”

  1. A great idea! I would like to know how the business is doing as on today? I’m hoping it has grown leaps and bounds.

    Anyone has another similar success story please share.

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