Hiring decision should not be democratic

A hiring decision should never be a democratic decision.

The interview panel gives its recommendations -> and then the hiring manager gives his observations. It is the hiring manager’s single call – with the recommendations factored in.

Some mechanics and rules (such as categorization between hire/no-hire/weak-hire etc) can be brought in to break ties and help the hiring manager strengthen his view point, but it should be just that.

The hiring manager should have his veto call over the others. The accountability rests on him to hire whom he thinks is the best hire. The buck ends with him. The minute it becomes democratic, the buck starts circling. The accountability dilutes and spreads out. There is no skin in the game. Too safe. No risks. This can never end well.

2 thoughts on “Hiring decision should not be democratic”

  1. Blog with such a strong title comes with zero data backing up, no pros and cons of hiring decision & no real life examples. Yes, I take this as the most credible blog post ever. Lol.

    1. Well, this is my personal opinion based on about a decade of people management experience. Opinions vary. And of, course, you can choose to take this as credible or not 🙂 Also, real life examples may not always be the right way to look at some of these soft decisions – because each situation is different and needs to be dealt with appropriately.

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