SweetPotato-Potato Cutlets


SweetPotato-Potato cutlets made by R yesterday came out Yumm. Recipe is same as that for Potato for cutlets, except mix some cooked/mashed SweetPotato with it. (SweetPotato = Chakaravallikazhangu in tamil). R had put in a tinge extra red chilly in it. So the slight sweetness of the yam and the spice of the chilly perfectly complemented each other. No deep frying. Powdered bread crumbs did the trick for the crust.

Update: I had originally thought Yam was Chakkaravalli-kazhangu. Looks like it is not. Looks like Yam is Senaikizhangu. Not that it really matters to me. I just fall for any kizhangu. Thanks J for point this out to me ! (J is the culinary expert in the family!). 

Update2: I know I know, Yam-potato sounds much better … much better than sweetpotato-potato-cutlets, quite a tongue-twister!

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